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Two Faces of Wroclaw Central Station Urban Design

Two Faces of Wroclaw Central Station Urban Design

Wroclaw Central Station: Front Face

Wroclaw Central Station has two quite opposite faces. The Northern part is designed as an old castle, welcoming to people and travelers. There are open spaces and trees which traveleres can rest and enjoy the space. Stores like coffee-shops bring more vitality which make a nice impression especially for those who entere the city for the first time. We percieve that human is at the center of attention here; on the other side, the story is started with money. Wroclawia, a huge shoping mall, has been erected to attract thousands of visitors. The fecade of Wroclawia is quite tough, monotonous  and inflexible. The huge building is a huge concentration of various activities such as shopping, office work and transportation! There are city central bus station inside the building. Well, seemingly the building is welcoming to buses and cars instead of people.



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