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When Religion Brings Unity

When Religion Brings Unity

While many considered religions the cause of schism and separation, and some metaphorically describe it the opiate of the masses, religion may give life to unity. This year, more than 18 million pilgrims went to the city of Karbala to commemorate the martyrdom of Hussein. To sense the huge crowd, remember that Mexico City has about 9 million or Moscow 11 million inhabitants.

The cities take advantages of urban infrastructures, amenities, health care centers and leisure facilities. The clear point is that the pilgrims coming to Najaf by plane, private cars, bus or even on foot, perceive the risks of suicide attacks, bombings and infectious disease. They also know that a city that has long been involved in war cannot afford to provide sufficient services, neither for its citizens, nor for travelers.

Najaf passengers wish to step in a spiritual path, wipe out evil form life and purify their souls. It is so mingled with people’s beliefs and culture that it seems very difficult to describe the event in positivist viewpoint; but at least we know that Hussein has inspired his followers with a new sense of life. They all agree on the point that he is revered as a role model and leader.

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